Need some replacement coloured sanitary ware in your bathroom?
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Discontinued Bathroom Colours can sort out your broken coloured sanitary ware we have access to a wide range of discontinued colours,discontinued bathroom colours,avocado,pergamon,old english white,burgundy,pampas,peach,primrose,sky blue,soft cream,turquoise,whisper grey,whisper pink,wild rose,wild sage,champagne,ivory,alpine blue,autumn tan,bamboo,bermuda blue,black,cameo pink,chiffon pink,damask,flamingo pink, heather,harvest gold,honeysuckle,kashmir beige,melba,mink,misty peach,oyster,pacific blue,sandalwood,savanah,sepia,silver cloud,sorbet,light green,sunking,twilight jade,twilight pebble,twilight slate,whisper apricot,whiskey

We can source a wide range of discontinued bathroom colours including, avocado, pergamon, old english white, burgundy, pampas, peach, primrose, sky blue, soft cream, turquoise, whisper grey, whisper pink, wild rose, wild sage, champagne, ivory, alpine blue, autumn tan, bamboo, bermuda blue, black, cameo pink, chiffon pink, damask, flamingo pink, heather, harvest gold, honeysuckle, kashmir beige, melba, mink, misty peach, oyster, pacific blue, sandalwood, savanah, sepia, silver cloud, sorbet, light green, sunking, twilight jade, twilight pebble, twilight slate, whisper apricot and whiskey. Before you think about having a brand new bathroom suite because you have damaged your old coloured suite, why not see if we can help you? Drop us an email and we may be able to sort you out.